Tackling Homelessness Together

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Our Lenten Lunches continue throughout Lent. Don’t forget to sign up at the back of church if you are planning to come.

You are encouraged to donate what you might have spent on Sunday lunch to the Bishop of London’s Lenten Appeal: Tackling Homelessness Together.

This year’s Lent Appeal was heralded by the launch of the Diocese of London Homelessness Appeal by Bishop Pete on 27 November 2017. In his role as the Acting Bishop of London, +Pete explained:

‘Our Capital is faced with an immense challenge of homelessness. 8,000 people sleep rough in Greater London every year, double the recorded figure in 2010. Freezing conditions can prove fatal for anyone sleeping rough, and winter night shelters play a hugely important role in providing homeless people with a haven that is safe, warm and off the streets. Such is the scale of the challenge which London faces, that we are launching the Diocese of London Homelessness Appeal to focus on supporting and raising awareness of the vital work done by winter night shelters, many of which are hosted by our churches who often work in partnership with other organisations.’

The challenge we face maybe Diocesan wide but it is very much a local issue which is why we are continuing our partnership with charities from across the Diocese to carry on Tackling Homelessness Together.

Supporting the Diocese of London’s Homelessness Appeal can really can make a difference. In our area, The Shelter Project, Hounslow, works at a local level, to provide night shelters and offer an immediate response to those experiencing homelessness in this most practical of ways.

It is the safety and security of a night shelter along with the love of Christ, support and acceptance shown by an army of volunteers that is so often the catalyst to help those experiencing homelessness to move on and reintegrate into society. It is also telling that some of those who have experienced homelessness and benefitted from the support given at a night shelter, return and volunteer to give ‘something back’ as a way of expressing their thanks for the help they received.

Please support this appeal to continue ‘Tackling Homelessness Together’ - there are gift aid envelopes at the back of church.