What is safeguarding for and why do we need it?

Unfortunately, we often hear or read about something terrible involving children or an adult at risk happening. Whilst these events happen in many different kinds of organisation, the sad truth is that it sometimes involves churches. Additionally in the modern world of social media and instant access to the internet via smartphones or tablets safeguarding has become more important, and more complex, than ever before.

At St Mary's we firmly believe that everyone is valued and all have something to offer. For this reason, we are committed to being an open church and no-one should be afraid to challenge or come forward if something is clearly wrong or they have concerns.

The vast majority of safeguarding is common sense - if you are concerned about anything, report it. We all have a duty of care to one another and so we are all safeguarders. In order to support us all in our safeguarding, St Mary's has a designated Safeguarding Officer, Nally Fernando. The safeguarding role exists to protect the leaders as well as the children and adults at risk.

If you have any concerns or questions about safeguarding please contact Nally by emailing him at safeguarding@hampton-church.org.uk

Please see the full safeguarding policy for more details. There are also hard copies in the church porch and in the office.