Baptism is about going public about your faith; it means telling the world that you are giving your life to following Jesus. Baptism is the next step after coming to know Jesus. If you have not been baptised yet but trust in Christ as your Lord and Saviour please get in touch.

Baptism marks the start of the journey of a committed Christian. It is an amazing moment for the individual, their friends and relations, and for the whole church family.

If you have a baby or young child and want to commit to bringing them up within the Church through regular attendance on Sunday as well as reading the Bible and praying at home we would love to baptise them at St Mary's. This is sometimes called christening them.

We also love to baptise older children, youth and adults. These services provide a great opportunity to hear what God has been doing in their lives to lead them to this point.

If you were baptised as a baby you can renew the vows made for you through a confirmation service.