First of all, welcome! It's great to have new members of the St Mary's family. We firmly believe that Christ calls us to be a loving community of believers, and it's great to have you with us.

Baptism or Confirmation

If you have recently joined the Church and are ready to give your life to Christ for the first time baptism is the first step. Many people think that Baptisms are just for children but the New Testament teaches that adults have been baptised since time of Jesus.

If you were baptised as a baby but now want to make a personal commitment to following Christ the next step is confirmation. In a confirmation service you will have the chance to make the promises for yourself which were made for you at your baptism.


ChurchSuite (formerly ChurchApp) is our secure online database of church members. We use it to communicate with volunteers, deliver news and organise events. If you are a member of the church it is really important that you sign up and use ChurchSuite otherwise you are likely to miss out on things. 

Electoral Roll

If you count yourself as a member of St Mary's you should be on our electoral roll. Why? Firstly because it is a recognition that you are part of the family, secondly it entitles you to vote at the annual church meeting and thirdly so you count on important statistics about the growth of the church.