Amazing Alice - Fundraiser

Kel Razza will be doing the Ride London 46 on Sunday 30 July (rider no.95611) in aid of Amazing Alice, a charity to help families whose children are given the same diagnosis as his brave niece Alice. This will enable them to make many happy memories to cherish with their loved ones, something Alice and family benefited from in many ways. Your thoughts, prayers and - if you can bear all that lycra - a roadside cheer would be greatly appreciated.

 Additionally if you would like to donate something please visit the following link:

Alice's Story:

Life changed in January 2013. My niece, Alice, had been a little unwell leading up to new year. One trip to the doctors with a possible diagnosis of glandular fever led to another trip when she started being sick. She was referred to Sophie's Place at Winchester hospital where the next day she was scanned to reveal a very large tumour in her liver. Alice became unwell very quickly. A biopsy at Kings College Hospital led to a diagnosis of a very rare cancer called Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma. There weren't many cases recorded of this type of tumour . Alice went on to have two cycles of chemotherapy with many complications including seizures, very bad sickness and a lengthy stay in hospital, it was decided that in March Kings would operate to remove the tumour. After 3 hours into surgery the surgeon came and saw us and told us that Alice’s tumour was unremovable as it had grown in size to over 18cm and more chemo would be needed.

After two months of more chemo and lots of conversations with national and international teams it was decided that Alice's only hope was for her to have a liver transplant. Alice had a successful transplant in August 2013 and 2 more rounds of chemotherapy afterwards. Life had its ups and downs for Alice including a diagnosis of epilepsy after chemo.

In March 2016, when we all thought she was through the woods life changed again with a return of her cancer, this time in her 9th rib. Alice had radical surgery to remove the cancer, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Unfortunately in November 2016 Alice's cancer went to her lungs and was diagnosed as terminal. Alice had some chemotherapy to help her have a little longer, but being the brave girl she was she decided quality of life was better than quantity and decided instead to write her bucket list and enjoy the time she had left with us, her family. We were lucky enough to have friends who set up a just giving page for Alice. This enabled us to make some fantastic memories.

- Kel Razza