For over 10 years St Mary's has supported the parish of Mandimba in Mozambique. The church has taken groups out to Mozambique every few years. Not only do we offer financial support to the church but have enabled the completion of a number of important projects including the building of wells, improving the church building and setting up a range of healthcare projects including providing healthcare for many people.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the link is the Good Seeds Project through which St Mary's funds the schooling of over 70 of the children who would not otherwise have access to education. The project grew out of a concern for the many HIV/AIDS orphans in the area and has since expanded dramatically. Some of the stories of those we have supported over the last 10 years can be heard in the video below.



God has entrusted us with a beautiful planet and it is vital that we care for it well. We have worked hard over the past few years to reduce our environmental impact and as a result were one of the first churches in the country to receive a Bronze Eco-Church award from A Rocha.

Some of the recent initiatives we have adopted are:

  • a 'Green Catering' policy
  • encouraged our young people to think about sustainability issues
  • reviewed our energy providers
  • regularly offer lifestyle 'tips'
  • creating an area of the churchyard for native wildlife and flowers


We have laid out a 'trail' around the church yard, with prompts for prayer; this an opportunity to look around, think and pray. The walk is marked out by large coloured number signs. The guide is available from the chapel at the back of church.


We have also twinned all of the toilets in both the church and the Hall.  Toilet twinning is a great way to give to a charity who provide sanitation in countries all around the world. To twin your own toilet visit the Toilet Twinning website


There is a stall in church once a month on a Sunday, selling a wide range of  Fairtrade food and products. St Mary's have "Fairtrade Church" status and only use Fairtrade tea and coffee at our events.