Hampton- Mandimba Partnership

Since 2005 St Mary's has had a link with a parish in Mandimba, Niassa, Mozambique. We have contacted the clergy and people regularly and prayed for them in our services. We have been able to visit on numerous occasions and helped fund a variety of projects.



September 2005: Rev Derek Winterburn, Francesca Keating, Carrie Lees

February 2006: Francesca Keating

May 2006:  Carrie and Marshall Lees, Kel Razza

August 2006: Francesca Keating, Patrick Stancliffe, Roger Mairlot

June 2007: Francesca Keating, Roger Mairlot

September 2007: Francesca Keating, Fiona Rowett, Rev Derek Winterburn

February 2008:  Francesca Keating, Dr David Brown, Leo Lawson-O'Neil

April 2009: Rev Derek Winterburn, Carrie Lees, Marshall Lees, Theresa McCluskey

September 2010: Rev Derek Winterburn, Carrie Lees, Fiona Rowett

May 2012: Rev Derek Winterburn, Carrie Lees, Tanja Marsen, Timothy Bailey

Sept 2014 : Rev Derek Winterburn, Kel Razza, Mirella Kellaway

Good Seeds Student Support

The original concept for Good Seeds sponsorship grew out of Pastor David Geraldo's desire to create a creche for HIV/Aids orphans in the new church St Mary's helped finish in Mandimba. As the idea was explored it changed into a support scheme for orphans at a the local secondary school. SInce 2006 St Mary's has supported a growing number of young people at the Samora Machel School, in Mandimba.


The minority of children attend primary school in Niassa, and that proportion falls again in the secondary years. As older children are more able to work the land, or girls become pregnant - going to school seems less worthwhile . However many do want to stay in education if the financial cost of a school career is covered. The young people have aspirations to take up a variety of occupations; finishing school means that they have more opportunities.


£32 p.a. pays for school fees (the Government requires families to make a small contribution to education), uniform (which is compulsory) and stationery. The almost trivial grant is deeply appreciated. We learn this afresh every time the students are interviewed. The scheme now supports 70 young people. The students are picked by the headteacher - he assesses the most vulnerable. An extra component of the scheme is that Sao Paolo's church provides mentors - so that the 'Good Seed' has an older person to turn to.



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